Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Are We Forgeting and What Do We See Via Media NOW

I don't remember how much gas I pumped in Aunt B's Chevy but I do know it only cost $35.00 to fill'er up.  What are we forgetting and what is happening according to our media now?  Gas is only about $1.77 per gallon where I live. (follow the analogy with me for a moment.)  I know that and I know that I am only putting in as much gas as I can whenever I can to be sure I take advantage of the low price per gallon not seen since around 2006 or 7.  We can't go back to the 50's when it was .15cents a gallon.  Things are nothing like they were back then.  But some things haven't changed at all.  It is still best to spend wisely,  Invest conservatively and thoughtfully.  The media still puts out the message (and tampers with what we think should be important).  We should try to manage our own house before we start advising and compelling others to think the way we do and do as we do.  The unknown is still unknown.  Not that we can't know more if we try to research and investigate.  Schools still teach us how to learn rather than what we need learn according to a syllabus written by a disinterested bureaucrat removed from our kith, kin and starting point, we hope   And although we shouldn't exclude any groups, we should neither push so violently against another's right to think and say whatever one would about those groups or for that matter any topic that anyone could think to put forward, no matter how complex or how simple, that one is able communicate.  In this country, however, there are many who think their cause is of such incredible weight and need of concentrated effort that they will cast aside any other potentially clear headed approach other than the course they have constructed albeit with great diligence and sincerity.  Thus they work too hard to wrest the reigns of power from all comers even if it means a complete abandonment of the principles that allowed them to have enough space to work in coming to their epiphany.  Some of us are out their to seize the moment for themselves and many would do the seizing with balance and consideration and do as much good as they possibly can.  We must remember that it is a rare breed who can do this in such a creative and novel way as to be what is the true mark of a revolutionary.  Many however grasp with great ferocity but little ingenuity.  Bringing nothing truly visionary they follow the paths already blazed using the apparatus of tradition reading from a script written before without the insight to see that they bring no new tool to a task before them because the world into which they were born had such bleak featureless and weak underpinnings  that it could rarely foster someone who can see outside of the box.  Just because we do not act in a violent manner does not mean that our behavior is not capable of achieving the complete shut down of another's right to have venue for their speech.  At one time our free speech was easily noted as the right to say or publish what we wished as long as what we said did not infringe on the liberty of another's or likely, due to customs, family and cultural seclusion cause a person to be more than offended, but unhinged because of humiliation, extreme embarrassment, or given so little respect as a human being deserves they lose their innate capacity to  defend themselves and their interests as well.  These values are not difficult to understand but our idea of values has become a thing that hardly fit even the simplest of definitions.  Unfortunately,  I am guessing because of the emphasis on exclusively liberal ideology and freedoms to the point of derangement many have come to believe that values are only cultural, something only for the closed minded and worth having if they are only ideals that we move around in some ethereal before there was any need -for- values-land. Values still count.  Why? Because as human beings whether we like it or not we are finite and none of us has a monopoly on knowledge or its use,  and further we are moody, emotional at times, rational and logical at others. One of the most important things about us is that we can work together as groups.  We can bring together forces of intelligent strategic and ever growing capacity, generative function, such as to convert ourselves into tools.  For example, government apparatuses are made of people who follow specific roles.  Combining these components  allow the generation of civic institutions or branches of government. As we continue as a "short lived"species (homo sapiens sapiens has existed as a species for no more than 200,000 perhaps140,000 years). This is but a minuscule segment in the churning biological fervent that is earth.  This flora and fauna is constantly manipulating and re-assorting its genetic plastic.  We are by far the most intelligent, most violent, curious,verbal and self aware entity that has yet to appear on the face of the globe.  We are capable of incredible self extension mechanistically and emotively.  We are compassionate, but vindictive and blame casting. We hold great promise as well as potential for DEVALUING who and what we are.  We deserve better than casting our prospective presidents as cliches.  Those same candidates should care enough to speak beyond politics and find new speech that we can see ourselves becoming.  Simple categorization is an insult to thought, to values and casting people who might hold the greatest office in the world as we know it as buzzwords like bigots, racists or liars is lazy living and if we don't get our brains out of the T.V. we will get one of those as president. Hold them to higher standards and just about anyone of them if we really value them can be a great president.  Crazier things have happened.


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