Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump, Sanders, a new but Historical Perspective.

Our rage has finally been tapped.  The American people have finally had it with the political inaction, and therefore we all will pay the consequences when election time arrivesTo give an example that many have not been perceptive enough for or given themselves time for it to filter through all of the noise;  the democratic party although more certainty distinct this time from the platforms of the republican candidates they suffer from the same wildly different platforms even within their on party, just as do the republicans. Why is this so? Because all Americans republican and democrat alike are feed up with the status quo.  It is tantamount to the Isrealites begging god for a king.  The frustration is so intense that we had rather have a dictator or a communist for a leader than have what we have now.   In less exaggerated  terms we had rather have a Trump or a Sanders than a Clinton or a Cruz.  Again why?  The two things that these two different new comers to have in common is that for the right, Trump,  like his name, gives obvious overtones of power to rattle loose the gridlock and demand the "right" (think hard working meritocratic and wanting their values to be enshrined so that when they have a good hand, and they can, like Trump "trump" and win the jackpot)  accountability for what they see as a betrayal of their government to fight for them and their needs rather than those of the rich, the "not American" (think outside our borders and the threats perceived coming through them).  On the Democratic side we have a far left candidate who wants to sweep away a tax code that Americans see as full of holes whereby lawyers for the rich can sit and analyze ways to subvert and maneuver ways to get by even the most clear cut standards for paying tax, and take full advantage of the subtleties in the language cleverly constructed by their Washington buddies (Think Exxon a few years ago) all the while the little man finds fewer and fewer paths to social mobility and ultimately a decent standard of living.  He will get them free education post secondary school and free healthcare for all and "for all a good night"! (Think Santa Clause). Maybe they can't produce these results but hey anything but the status quo! Yes Sanders is a senator but he like Trump gives an air of running roughshod over the power structure in place.  Think of Theodore Roosevelt who Left the Grand Ole Party (GOP) to found, the progressives (The Bull Moose) after his dissatisfaction with Taft and Republicans. He was a "trust buster" (Think ghost-buster who will assuage our fear of having that ghost of corrupted power). This plan backfired a situation I would hope would be avoided in the future.  We formed this nation with that very idea in mindAnd yes it was revolutionary and was created especially to check any abuse of power should it rear its ugly head.  And ultimately that is what Americans are demanding to check the abuses of the wealthy and those corrupted by the power of their positions as a politician, The job of a politician, such as it is, has become, if you can get there,  a very cushy, plush place where everyone wants to buy you lunch and whisper words of power to power.  So here is where we are ladies and gentlemen.  So vote carefully.  I am certain more us will,.... than in a long long time.                                                                                                                                                     


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