Monday, February 22, 2016

Need to start posting: Times they are a changin'

I am 54 years of age and I can not remember presidential race as unusual and filled with emotive contentThe voters are begging for something, if not demanding it.  Maybe its the anger over what America seems incapable of addressing much less fixing.  To start much of the electorate like it or not is the product of our media as much as it chooses the media that says what it wants to hear.  You media outlets big and small, in what ever ratio the above denotes, in what ever combination, have with virtually no fresh commentary about the how or why and if an answer exists for the the above mentioned crisis are as guilty as any for bringing us to this point.  The media bares its share of blame in bringing us to a breaking point, as it were, forming the stark realization that what we once had and were, is no longer true. We have awakened from a nightmare only to realize we already live in one.  In a society that has been demanding greater and greater safety in exchange for freedoms, Here we sit locked in a very roomy but no safer nation.  Our power truncated in measure with much of the liberty we have traded in on a promise of a life secure from external and internal threats all the while drugs of every kind and those that are illegal are redesigned expanding the range of intoxicants or entheogens if you may There is strife being wrought among many category headings above long lists of grievances most of them valid.  Unfortunately the level of education that involve the areas of any you pick are woefully inadequate. This is not solely a condemnation of our educational system.  ( It angers us too) We have ourselves to blame for allowing a vast federal government that is bloated beyond comprehension to squander our money, money for the most part we still owe (a pile of dollars when put in numbers the string of zeros alone is so staggering as to beggar belief). And we do not know how to fix it. This lack of knowledge is partly the fault of our elected leaders who offer us no explanation of what is going on in Washington.  Or since it is unlikely any of us have time for investigative research ( many of us having 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. in a job market where minimum wages have fallen so far behind inflation parity that many weren't born when it lost its con-currency).  Let us first address the issue of knowledge of what our role government plays in our lives. It touches on almost all aspects of the way we live travel raise our children pay taxes what kind of health care we have, Our rights as business owners,  what intoxicants we may consume ( where and how ) our management of personal information, how we dispose of our wastes. How education is regulated.  It also via the media promotes the tone and tenor of how we can and cannot treat each other in terms of race sex creed. How to manage external threats to our way of life and which threats we are to be most concerned with.  Many moreThe list is endless as the level of spending on programs that supposedly provide services so inefficiently that they tax our time and provide us no value. Judicial methods and practice are straight jacketed such that judges have minimal methods of despencing justice. Law inforcement in a time where crime is statistically less than at any time since the 1960's is built and funded in large part by its focus of drug laws that allow it to seize property to fund itself. This in a supposedly a free capitalistic country yet we have more of our populous inprisoned (per capita) than any county on earth  There presence is unprecedented and or media has lead us to believe that they should be called to mediate the tiniest of disputes where we no longer believe we can manage our personal methods of resolving them and thereby give up our own capacity learn how to treat one another when we disagree or function as a private family units.  These areas I have described are only crust of unending losses in personal liberties we have been duped into believing can be better administrated by a government that has so little forsight in managing foreign affairs that is chases false enemies, believes it can police the planet and has managed trade like a naive kindergartner who almost every day gets bullied into giving up his lunch. We feel hopless frustrated and angry because we have been betrayed. Our leaders pander to the rich and powerful special interest. Bloated appropriation bills that contain hundreds of little favors to big business. the pharmaceutical lobby and endless supply of lollypops to unknown entities that fund their campaign funds to maintain their continued congressional reelection; puppets to those hidden powers that leverage the public interest against the bottom 99 percent of tax paying citizens whose hollow promises that are almost always betrayed likely because the same bunch that developed trade agreements that have castrated us as a country from competing globally where the same group that counted those lolly pops and due either to their indesiciveness or blatant stupidity or even worse their callous disregard for the American people some how there were no lollypops left for the greatest majority of its citizens.  If the above weren't enough to inflame our fury then I can elaborate on that above issue of our inability to understand what is happening to us. Should the Educational system be blamed? In part yes.  But slowly we have come to see that the only time anybody has given us the courtesy of discussing anything the government is up to is at election time or after a momentous bill is past. .  POST.