Saturday, December 13, 2014

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Updating my own amnesiac state and pushing to reform my own knowledge has resulted in changes: To whit I will illucidate

I have left this blog in sort of disarray and hope to correct that. I have been lately in a state of depression and this has left deficits, and I am in the process of mental renovation.  Here are a few topics that  have attracted my interest.

In the world of academia and its processes that have resulted in a tradition that is fixed.  Dispute and controversy go through channels.  Scientific progress and the review of methodologies has its detractors and its defects that have been noted by some objective observers.  Thomas S. Kuhn in his introduction of the very familiar (to many book), "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" Said "History , if viewed as a repository for more than anecdote or chronology, could produce  a decisive transformation in the image of science by which we are now possessed.   [The aim of text written by those in their time is persuasive and pedagogic ] a concept drawn from them is more likely to fit the enterprise that produced them than the image of a national culture drawn from a tourist brochure or a language text." (paraphrase here) 'The result has been an image of science with profound implications about its nature and development where in upon overturning some long accepted iconography often beggars belief in the mind of many how the previously accepted facts stood firmly as virtual fact in the face of the new paradigm.'  To many, today it seems almost inconceivable that many of the theories,  some relatively new, some now so long standing and well supported that it appears impossible that they could fall, ( for example darwinian natural selection ).  But do not forget that newtonian mechanics held sway for 250 years until a man named Albert Einstein upset the apple cart.  I concede that newton's prinkipia matematica still holds for much of the smaller range theater ( for example the forces played out in a football game need little refinement from general and special relativity.) But quantum mechanics was difficult for Einstein to accept.  But egos grow large...(imagine 5 revolutionary papers in one year) 1. the photo-electric effect (noble prize) 2. Brownian motion and proof of the existence of atoms.  3. General Relativity.  4. Special Relativity. 5. Mass energy equivalence that included the E = m(c squared)So the pace of science and its acceptance is personal.  That is,  it has personal effects and responses.  Also the scientific method has certain tenants that are considered a prerequisite for scientific research and progress to take place.

What is phenomenal is that application of the last 50 to 75 years of science has lead to an avalanche of dazzle among the public without a commiserate evaluation of the what best applications in a post 80's (no growth for middle to lower income persons) would have been best for investment if anyone had been analyzing the cornucopia of novel discoveries that should have delivered an at least notable improvement in living standards universally as well as taxable income if not for those on the lower rungs if we accept that the wealth went to to 20% peoples.  (Why hasn't the deficit been eroded significantly during the period say 92- 2006?)

Lets add the fact that it takes no presupposition "personal dazzle in the form of incredulity" to reach such a conclusion ( by that I mean personal incredulity being subjective) economics 101 should bare this out.

We can see that also there was no palpable outrage at the obvious gain by the wealthy through their betting against a market that they obviously set up to fail and that this clear no brainer was made unnecessarily complex by the media as well as the congressional hearings.  Ok maybe I have covered a little too much in this post.  But there is more to say that does not fall in the category conspiracy theory.  It is just corruption plain and clear.  There are more, many more, topics to cover that question where, we as a nation, are being lead, and why no one seems to notice.