Monday, May 5, 2014

Our public schools, our curricula, and even our home-life (via generational exposure to the proto-curricula of the of the same sort of which I will explicate following) degenerates and has degenerated our capacity to remember.  I taught middle school and high school Spanish and French beginning in 1985 through 1992. Significantly, I began to observe these deficits and subsequently I began to use my own form of curriculum unimpeded (due to an unusual freedom because of a principal who was very pro teacher, defending the good as well as the bad in some cases.) Almost immediately I began to see a prominent correlation between dramatic and novel presentations of new material and memory. For example I would try all sorts strange connections to other disciplines like biology history mathematics, and alphabetical comparisons to Greek Russian and Arabic. I started teaching entirely in Spanish and French after the first week i.e. before I was familiar with the names of the students, I spoke only in the language I was teaching.

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