Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bounded Terrain: Remember or Explain. Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves. Derivations of Curtis White.

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Stephen Andrew's Reviews > Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

message 2: by Aldrea (new)

Aldrea I found your review interesting. I haven't read this book yet, but I am curious what he has to say. As a molecular biologist, I have to state that simply because scientists have not yet been able to explain something yet, does not mean that it is unexplainable. Perhaps we have not yet progressed to a level of being able to explain certain things but will in the future. 20 years ago my particular specialty within my field did not even exist. Now we have the human genome mapped. Jumping right into - we can't explain it, so it must be God - is a cop out and not proof or evidence of the existence of a god or creator.
Note that I personally do believe in a God.

message 3: by Nullifidian (new)

Nullifidian There is a very simple challenge to what Behe has come up with: it's a fallacy.

Consider the logic of claiming that designed objects exhibit irreducible complexity, and we see irreducible complexity in biological organisms, therefore biological organisms are designed. It's like claiming that rain makes things wet, therefore when we see something that's wet we know it was rained on. Given the fallacy at the heart of Behe's logic, it doesn't matter how many examples of "IC systems" he comes up with, because they can never warrant the conclusion of design.

message 4: by Adam (new) - added it

Adam Stephen - I would recommend "Finding Darwin's God" by Kenneth Miller for a direct answer to the questions Behe poses. They have not gone unanswered.

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